Publication date: 27 September 2024


Category: Adventure, alternative healing, literary fiction, grief


When conventional approaches falter, a New Age nanny navigates a family to safe haven.

Edinburgh in the first decade of the millennium provides the rich, textured backdrop for this upbeat tale of healing. It puts a New Age spin on historic tradition in the world’s first UNESCO City of Literature.


  • Moving, hilarious, poignant family drama that rings true
  • Touches on New Age healing with an open mind yet with a firm foot in reality
  • Realistic exploration of grief and shock after the untimely death of a parent and partner
  • Takes the reader to Edinburgh: thrilling to those who know the city
  • Assured, confident writing from a Bridport Prize judge

“The practicalities of grief, the possibility of healing, together with a sprinkling of magic. A memorable nanny, too. I enjoyed it very much.” – Adele Geras, novelist, also known as Hope Adams (Dangerous Women)


Readers rave:  

‘Bright and funny, a perfect remedy for healing from loss.’ 

‘What a page turner! Quirky characters caught in amusing situations.’ 

‘Offers dark magic in millennial Edinburgh.’ 

‘Loved it! A heartfelt, exploration of how to cope when a loved one dies.’ 

’Spirited, holistic healing when the old ways don’t work.’