12885199693_3ecf833dd4_zAre you a secret writer?

Are you a published author with one story to your name?
Are your characters milling about, waiting for their next scene?

Has writer’s block stymied your muse? Have you run out of steam?

Is an essay deadline looming? Got the Dissertation Blues?

Are you looking for one-to-one critique?

Do you want to find kindred spirits?

Writing tuition in Florence, Italy  from a published author, professional editor and university lecturer. Mentoring, private lessons, occasional Writers’ Retreats.





Critical assessment of fiction or non-fiction  one on one in situ,  via Skype, telephone, email or post

Stories, Novels, Essays, Dissertations, Blogs/ web content, Reports, Speeches, Personal Statements and more

Contact me: larobbins8888@gmail.com or (39) 366 242 9229