Winter Holiday Memories

You have recently engaged in a winter holiday.  How might an event over this time period spark your writing?  Draw on the recent vacation or a past vacation to respond to one of the following prompts:

make a family winter holiday – Hanukkah, Christmas, ski trip –  your focus. Record the details of the traditional meal and describe the venue. Recount what happened in a particular year; one that you will not forget. If you want to fictionalise this, change something – a character’s gender, age, a setting, an event

theme of journey – migration of birds, journey to see the relatives – what transport did you take?  What images arise? How did the journey echo your mental preparation for engaging with what your family expects  – and whether you complied with this.   Mix anticipation or expectation with what actually occurred when you did got there.

theme of stasis, of restorative rest – hibernation of animals – bears, fish, squirrels, and/or  house-bound, snowed in family and what that engendered

describe an unusual winter holiday  (location or event) – visit to Lapland’s ice hotels, tour of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon and capture something memorable about the adventure

imagine a monologue from the department store or museum grotto Santa Claus/Father Christmas, who listens to children’s wishes all day

New Year resolutions  for what might be – how did you execute your intentions? Did things turn out differently than you had imagined?