Too much to do? Get unstuck and write

Getting Unstuck when Flapping and Fretting

There are two parts to all conscious beings. At the moment, the anxious, excited part of you is flapping and fretting. Of course it is. You have other priorities; you are soon to embark on a journey, let us say. That is where your energy goes. Just as the swan might agitate – webbed foot caught in a bed of weeds, so, too, do you feel apprehension. The swan knows that a calm preparation for tackling priorities or journey skyward will put her in better stead. She knows that a calm, careful turn of spindly leg will release the tangled foot. You know that you can draw on that serene and quiet part of you to prepare for your priorities or journey. But first to give yourself permission  to write.

For the writing, indeed, for any ‘must do now’ task, you will need to compartmentalise. Priorities will be met. The journey will happen. But not yet. Be here now. Comfort that flapping, anxious part with your calm side. Banish the censor, who tells you that you cannot afford the time, criticises what you are thinking of writing.  All in good time, little anxious one.

Be here now.

Choose a prompt – a word or an image or a concept. Write this on a blank page or screen. Then write whatever comes up. Literally. If necessary, keep writing the prompt, until something does come up. Set a timer for five entire minutes and do not stop the pen on the page, the fingers on the keyboard. Keep writing or typing. No punctuation, no word order, not even a straight line. Do not stop. Five minutes is a very long time.

After five minutes, look over what you have put on the page. Write the group of words or phrases that tug at you, tell you that there might be something here – on a new page. Set the timer again for 5 minutes.

Is the little one beginning to flap again? Make lists of what needs doing with that flapping, fretting part of you. That will appease it.

Now write.