Scary Starts for October Stories

Robbins Skyward Scary Starts for October Stories

October’s crisp days are bookended with cool mornings and chilly evenings.  Below are five chilly October ideas to spook you into a story start:

Out of doors, autumn is the forest of colourful leaf fall and twig crunch or gardens of gay Chinese lantern plants, avenues of white flowering hydrangea, meadows purple saffron.

Inside mice and spiders and skittery centipedes sometimes surprise us.

Daylight comes later, leaves sooner, inviting darker thoughts – of prescience or clairvoyance, of restless spirits and sorcery, of jack-o-lanterns and disguise.

With cooler weather and more hours of night, there is less enticement to be outside and so, more writing time.

1. Your main character has a phobia that is crippling his life. Alternatively, their loved one has a phobia that is becoming problematic to the relationship.

2. Your character is the victim of a vengeful spell. Not in the fairytale sense – a curse or manipulation by another or by an organisation. Your character begins to suffer form this.

3. Illness:

A child becomes mysteriously ill. Doctors are puzzled. The parents try everything to cure him.

You are bitten, stung, poisoned by food. What you think is a mild reaction spirals out of control

For no reason your hair begins to fall out in clumps, or your teeth drop out, or you are riddled with anxiety and its physical and mental discomforts.

4. A creature (dog/horse/snake/bird/alligator) seems to want to harm you/ your loved ones.

5. You are lost, surrounded by fog or dark, not certain where to put your feet, hands uncertain of what might be in front.

6. You are in a car, on a bike, on an amusement park ride, in a lift, in an MRI machine. Something goes wrong. You sense this but you cannot get out. Spinning crazily, walls narrowing the space around you, car not braking, and wheel not turning.

4. A past crime or addiction haunts a reformed character – has he moved on?

5. Write a modernised version of a ghost story, fairy tale or true story where a strong fear is present. (e.g.: Beauty and the Beast,  rescue of boys  in Thai cave after flooding June 2018)