Love as currency tells us what we are worth. The amount of attention we receive helps us connect,  makes us feel good about ourselves. Recognition that  we matter spells who we are.

Love finds its opposite in fear.  Open versus closed.  Letting go rather than clenching tightly. Saying ‘yes’, not ‘no’. If we run out of currency, if attention disappears, we feel left out, rejected, abandoned, unloved, alone.

Love is used to  express what matters  I love chocolate, I love these shoes,  I love your hair, I’d love to catch up, I love watching this programme, I loved that book. I love you, I love Florence, I love my babies, my sisters, my parents…

How we love shows our experience of relating to self and others: guardedly, exclusively, desperately, clingy, loyally, selfishly or numb – can’t  or won’t feel love. Generously, with abundance, or unconditionally.

Write an excerpt from life or imagination about:

  1. love based on a quantitative measure such as an on-line dating or an astrology reading
  2. falling in love, but unable to face rejection. Your protagonist makes up another identity, perhaps through the Internet to try and communicate their love. He/she tries to get to know this lover without revealing true identity
  3. a past love, calling you out of the blue. You have no idea why this person is contacting you. You both have moved on and haven’t thought about him/her in years
  4. a psychic reading that predicts a love affair
  5. your protagonist loves someone but must betray him/her or is betrayed by him
  6. your protagonist is always looking for their next love, but does not try to love the one he is with, or himself
  7. romance between persons of  different cultures For instance write about romance between an Italian and an American, a Chinese and an African person..  what works? what doesn’t?
  8. the myth of two lovers as the basis for your story
 inspired by litbridge and offthemaptattoo