New Journeying in 2021

On Feathers Light                                                                     Heart trembling, I greet the new, Not knowing where it will take me, or even how to go. Only that  The old ways cannot get me there.  I need to leave them on the shore When I set out on this journey, may my feet be rooted,  may I listen to my steady […]

Free Writing: a tool for seeds, beginnings revisions

When we first sit down to write there is nothing to lean on. A blank page and a fuzzy idea about what you want to say. What to say? Insecurity, inertia, self-doubt, fear … Is it important enough? Should you be doing something ‘productive’ instead? But what about your good intention?!  You begin to write. Perhaps […]

Plot Skeleton

The Triple O outline provides structure. Every story is about someone who wants something and how they get it. Or not.   Every story plot can easily be broken down into three parts: Objective, Obstacles, Outcome, or what Arlene Chase calls the Triple-O Outline. Don’t worry if your plot is borrowed; there are almost no new ones. The challenge […]


Love as currency tells us what we are worth. The amount of attention we receive helps us connect,  makes us feel good about ourselves. Recognition that  we matter spells who we are. Love finds its opposite in fear.  Open versus closed.  Letting go rather than clenching tightly. Saying ‘yes’, not ‘no’. If we run out of currency, if attention disappears, we feel left out, […]