Who am I


Lisa a published author with prize-winning fiction and by-lines in the UK and the US. In 2017 her short story, ‘Being Good’, was published in Italian in the European Writing Women Association’s compilation for writers in Florence. Recent stories have been placed in The New Writer (Kent) and Aquila (E. Sussex). Ms Robbins reads for The Literary Consultancy in London and judges for the Bridport Novel and Short Story competitions.

EUI courses, workshops

To see her most recent published story, ‘Ensnarement’: https://storgy.com/2019/01/14/fiction-ensnarement-by-la-robbins/

To see other published fiction, click on link:

http://www.robbinsskyward.com/tea-with-granny-acquila/(opens in a new tab)

Contact me: larobbins8888@gmail.com 

photograph: Rupa photography