Workshop Reviews

‘I am writing to say how much I enjoyed your workshop … and appreciated your organization and teaching as well as the individual exercises. I hope you’ll do another workshop that I can attend sometime in 2019.’
translator and writer. 11/2018
‘This was my first foray into the world of creative writing and I had no idea what fun and how inspirational it would be. Lisa is an inspiring teacher and I look forward to joining her writing sessions in the future. I loved the chocolate brownies.’
retired lawyer  11/2018
‘Lisa is full of energy, knowledge and good humour. Her enthusiasm is contagious!’
teacher 11/2018
 Evaluations from Private Editing 
‘Thank you so much for the correction and the comments! They’re certainly very helpful.’
 non-fiction researcher  2./2018
‘I want to thank you very much for your close attention to detail and constructive suggestions.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate being the recipient of your fine, experienced and detailed eye!’   fiction author 1/2018
‘I never knew there were so many ways of interpreting words and phrases.  I understand better what I was trying to say.’  non-fiction author  11/2017
‘The best thing about your sessions was the constructive feedback – really helpful. I have recommended your editing  to several friends.’   graphic designer  9/2017
‘Your enthusiasm and patience made me keep working on my novel. Thank you, thank you! ‘   7/2017

‘Everyone is really pleased with (the) lessons for (the senior school student). They liked how  you noted that X’s confidence needed boosting.  He has really enjoyed the last two lessons with you. They will be in touch …about the possibility of arranging to have one regular lesson a week.’  writing tutor      5/2016

‘I have done another draft taking your suggestions into account.    I think this next draft is better – and I think that is thanks to the points you raised. Thank you for the report.’   fiction author 4/2015 


‘Lisa’s classes were interesting, warm and welcoming. Her feedback was incisive and perceptive; she has a great ability to pick up on complex and detailed writing issues. The objective input was invaluable, and quickly helped me establish the main recurring errors in my writing style. The feedback will help improve all my future writing.’  journalist, 07/2014


‘Lisa Robbins is a thorough teacher. She inspires as she teaches about writing. Her prompts are intriguing and thought provoking and her assignments and readings on technical aspects of writing are extremely useful. Lisa’s feedback on the written page is detailed; pointing out things that don’t work, reassuring about things that do and making suggestions on how to improve. She motivates and encourages a discipline of writing and is thoughtful and sensitive about a writer’s life.’                  fiction writer and lawyer  06/14 


‘Whatever you are planning to do re writerly workshops Lisa you can count me in. I have loved the enthusiasm, drive and knowledge you have brought to the Improvers class at Mary Ward and the encouragement and support to carry on writing at home has been just the ticket. (I have just done a week of three hour stints in the mornings. How long that will carry on I don’t know!) I think that you cannot say enough times how important it is to develop a thick skin and not soft in the middle.’

‘Of course being made accountable to a group highly respected talented and individual class members and the class structure of reading assignments and making comment has made the classes a consistently safe place in which to develop and in which we have all been held by one thoughtful and sensitive teacher with plenty to add to discussions. As further endorsement I will be signing up for next term as well as bringing my daughter.’  fiction writer and traveller 05/14


‘It has been a pleasure to be part of the group for just a short time and I look forward to rejoining next term.”  fiction writer and  practitioner of holistic therapies 05/14


“Lisa has a commitment and enthusiasm which generate a warm atmosphere and provide just the motivation students of creative writing need.  She is extremely flexible, giving equal respect to an extract from a novel or a short story, or an experimental piece of flash fiction.  Her feedback is both direct and sensitive, and she encourages members of the group to participate in the discussion.  Her handouts and prompts are carefully prepared and imaginative, with useful ideas for anyone who lacks inspiration or wants a break from a work in progress.  Lisa’s classes are always enjoyable and instructive.”   short story writer  and Coordinator BBC television  7/14


“Lisa has a passion for creative writing, which is contagious and a deep commitment to helping her students to progress. I recently took a 12-week class with her and felt so valued, supported and encouraged by her. This enabled me to relax and experiment with my writing. I particularly appreciate Lisa’s flexible and collaborative style of teaching – she always welcomed students’ input and designed the class to suit the needs of the group. Lisa provided a safe and inspiring environment where I could learn, and where I felt free to express myself creatively.”    fiction writer 07/14

Evaluations from The Florence Writers’ Retreat 3 – 9 April 2017

‘Thanks for these great suggestions and for putting together a wonderful programme for our Florence retreat – it was a truly inspiring week with just the right balance of activities and time to write.  I really appreciate the thought and effort that went into it – my mind is constantly turning over images and sensations of the city. Best wishes,’  A

‘I had a really lovely time and spent an hour in a cafe yesterday writing up my planning notes. Today I am at home and intend to get some more writing done. Your book list is really helpful. Thank you.’,  memoir writer


‘I did not have the opportunity to say good bye yesterday. I not only enjoyed but also learnt from my time in Florence last week. Thank you once again.’  artist